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Musoni Brings Back Stanley Munyao From Tanzania

The Board of Directors of Musoni has invited a former COO to return to Kenya as the CEO to lead the second stage growth of this cashless, paperless and innovative microfinance institution (MFI)

Just over two and a half years ago Stanley Munyao left Musoni to lead the turnaround strategy of an MFI in Tanzania. This was later taken over by My Bucks in mid 2016. Having seen how technology can help to increase efficiency, reduce costs and provide innovative solutions for customers at the base of the pyramid, Stanley leapt at the opportunity of returning to Musoni.

The Musoni Board enlisted the help of Career Connections (a well-established Executive Search company based in Nairobi) to trawl through a long list of potential candidates from Kenya and the wider diaspora, who had demonstrated an ability in driving bottom line operating results using technology capabilities and infrastructure to create competitive advantage

Stanley will take up the reins on 1st March. In a statement yesterday Stanley said that he is excited to join the great team at Musoni Kenya. It has used its technology to reach the masses of the financially excluded Kenyan population, both in urban and rural areas, in a cost-efficient way. It retains its market leadership position in innovation in microfinance.

Musoni is a technology-led microfinance, positioning itself in the Kenyan market as a cashless, paperless and data-driven MFI.

Musoni was born out of the insight that the innovative use of technology can improve the efficiency of microfinance and bring down the cost to users. Musoni uses its technology platform to improve both the quality and accessibility of financial services available to poor and unbanked Kenyans. Incorporated in 2009 Musoni has five international shareholders – Musoni BV Holland, KfW – the German Development Bank, AccessAfrica Fund Managed by Microvest, Grameen Foundation and Oiko Credit.

Duncan Goldie-Scot


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