Musoni Kenya aims at empowering women who are among the marginalized groups. While both men and women are the beneficiaries of our efficient services, women’s outreach has grown with Musoni Kenya’s expansion in rural areas. Since its inception, the number of funded borrowers has continued to grow as Musoni Kenya leverages on technology in its service delivery. To date, over 110,000 loans valued at Ksh 2.6+ billion have been disbursed.


Musoni's convenience has positively impacted my business - James Mwangi, Commercial Watermelon and Tomato farmer, Muranga County

James Mwangi is a commercial Watermelon and Tomato farmer in Muranga County. He is a member of the Wamaitu Workmates group in Thika town and joined Musoni Kenya as a client in 2012. James is 35 years old, married with two children and lives in Kisii estate, Makongeni, Thika. He started his business in the Madaraka market in 2008.He had a lot of challenges mobilising his business working capital. He had no sufficient money to sustain his workers’ wages and most of the time, he was up and down from the market to the farm and could not concentrate. His inability to pay his workers on time affected his business.
He learnt about Musoni Kenya through his mother who is a client and got interested because of Musoni’s use of mobile money transfer (M-PESA) that would enable him sent money to his workers without having to physically go and pay them. This convenience has positively impacted his community in job creation because currently, he has employed 15 workers and 1 manager in his business. Having reliable workers has led to his business growth, hence enabling him to send his children to good schools and also enroll his wife in college. James is planning to export his commodities and own a transport lorry through Musoni Kenya.

I managed to buy enough stock and supplied my customers - George Wanjohi, Father of 2 and the Chairperson of Mwagithu Self Help Group, Githurai

George Wanjohi is a father of 2 and is the Chairperson of Mwagithu Self Help Group. He supplies confectionery to retailers in Githurai, a township of a medium class residential area that is highly populated. He is currently servicing his 3rd loan of 30,000 Kenya shillings.
‘Initially, I used to procure my stock from bakeries on credit. It was very difficult for me because when I didn’t sell well, I would go back to my pocket to pay for the supplies. When I got my first loan, I managed to buy enough stock and supplied my customers. This ensured a steady cash flow and I gained a lot of confidence among my customers. The second loan helped me acquire a bicycle, which has been of great convenience for my business. I used my third loan to purchase a motorbike, which enables me to supply far and wide.’
‘Musoni has helped uplift my business with their timely loans and as a result, has educated my children. Most importantly, I have become self reliant. I am a living testimony that Musoni has been incredibly helpful and will make you self reliant.’

Musoni is the right place to be - Faith Obuya Awour, a 27 year old lady, Runs an M-PESA & Cosmetics Business

Faith Obuya Awour, a 27 year old lady, runs an M-PESA and cosmetics business. She is a high school graduate and takes care of her brother. Faith lives in Huruma, a medium to low class residential area that is densely populated. 80% of the residents are low income earners who engage in small scale business activities. There are a few financial service providers, a factor that led Faith to opening up of an M-PESA shop after getting a grant from a friend. In addition to the M-PESA shop, Faith runs a cosmetics business which has, in the last 6 months, increased its stock valuation from 2,000 to 25,000 Kenya shillings, thanks to a 15,000 Kenya shilling loan from Musoni Kenya.
‘Musoni has helped me not only with a loan that helped me maintain a stable float, hence a sharp increase in my transactions, but also with sufficient business skills and knowledge that I never had. I’ve developed consistency in my record keeping, I’ve learnt to sustain profit making through thorough scrutiny of my expenses, I’ve learnt that my business is my employer so it pays me. I reap according to what I sow, and Musoni waters my business!’ ‘I think Musoni is the right place to be at this point in time when financial services are increasingly getting expensive’, Faith explained.